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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling

The Entrepreneur's Guide to SellingUnlike most sales books, which address a piece or "moment" of the sales process, this book addresses selling as a holistic process. In The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling, award-winning sales pro Jonathan London demonstrates how each stage of the sales process positively or negatively affects the next.

Written for entrepreneurs and sales people, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling shows how to:

  • Get a jump on the competition by starting out in the right place
  • Make people feel comfortable so they are more open and receptive to you
  • Show benefits from a technical, business/financial, and individual/company perspective
  • Create solutions for customers to help differentiate the offer
  • Prospect using the Internet, Web 2.0, and other technologies
  • Deal with stress and rejection
  • Eliminate or soften objections to accelerate sales cycles and make negotiations easier
  • Handle the most common negotiation issues and tactics

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