VSGI Testimonial Letter


Dear Jonathan,

You will be pleased to hear about VSGi's outstanding performance in Q1 of 2004.

We set a record for revenue and profit, and I am certain that the training you did for our team in January was a major contributor to those results. Your ability to keep people focused on the right things to do and apply them to their sales opportunities gave us the head start we needed to close many of our sales opportunities.

Your work with our management team after the training also kept the energy up so that people continued to apply what they learned to close business.

We look forward to the additional work we have scheduled with you so we can continue getting the same results on a consistent basis.

We all knew after the sales meeting that you had been well received by our team in terms both of substance and of delivery. Sentiment of course matters, but the real proof is in measurable results. It's great to see results follow. Thanks once again for your help in Q1 of 2004.


vsgi sig

Donald K. Jones
Chief Executive Officer

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