Using Technology To Sell


Using Technology to Sell

Using Technology to Sell is Jonathan London's latest sales book. Published by Apress, August  2012.

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Book Description

Using Technology to Sell will help sales reps and sales support understand the most effective way to leverage a variety of technologies throughout the sales process to improve sales performance individually and as an organization.

Technology can be a tremendous asset if we have the proper perspective on it and know how to use it properly. It can also be very detrimental if we don’t. For example, people can get carried away for hours at a time playing with or exploring a new technology, severely impacting their productivity, while simultaneously increasing their frustration level. Some sales people become too dependent on technology to do their selling instead of effectively demonstrating the basic, required sales techniques.

If used properly, meaning the proper choice of technology, the appropriate amount of time and the proper use, technology is a strategic weapon, a competitive differentiator and can dramatically improve close rates, deal size, efficiency and much more.

When you read Using Technology to Sell you will learn:

  • Different categories of technology and how they are used most effectively
  • How to integrate these technologies with the best sales methodology
  • How to avoid the trap of overuse or dependency on technology
  • Various approaches that maintains a personal element and relations which is essential to selling  
  • Using technology to keep yourself more organized in general and throughout a sales process
  • Taking control of your own ability to succeed vs. being solely dependent on others