Telephone Selling

R.E.A.L.™ (Real, Effective, Applied Learning) Telephone Selling is a complete inside sales training and development program that focuses on selling the value of your solutions and offerings by understanding the customer's critical business priorities and needs. This program will help your inside sales organization transition to a more consultative and value based sale vs. one based on product and price.

Your people will learn to:

  • Quickly establish the credibility of your company and keep prospects engaged
  • Differentiate yourself vs. your competition via your professionalism
  • Gain more information about the prospect's issues and needs
  • Establish criteria and direct the call by planting seeds and positioning your company in a way that is meaningful to the prospect
  • Listen more and avoid talking too much
  • Understand more about the competitive landscape, decision criteria, decision process, and other factors that influence your business wins
  • Sell larger deals with higher profit margins
  • Present more effectively on the phone
  • Anticipate and handle objections for more effective interaction
  • Increase customer satisfaction due to better, more comprehensive  solutions

R.E.A.L.™ Telephone Selling Topics

  1. DiSC® & Getting Out of Your Own Way
  2. Using the Telephone Effectively
  3. Creating Trust and Establishing Competency
  4. Territory Management
  5. Gaining Access to Power
  6. S.PRI.N.G.™ Dialogues – Situation, Priorities, Needs and Gain
  7. Making Presentations over the Phone
  8. R.E.A.L.™ Objection Handling
  9. R.E.A.L.™ Closing
  10. R.E.A.L.™ Executive Priorities and Objectives