Technology Throughout The Sales Process

Technology is at a stage where more companies and individuals can take advantage than ever before. And it will change faster and be more capable than ever before. Salespeople and sales forces that know how to leverage technology AT EVERY STAGE of the sale process will have a unique and significant advantage in today’s market.
The amount of information and technologies is bewildering and can be confusing and disruptive if not approached properly.  Companies are using technology in one phase or another of the sales process, but do not have a holistic approach that embraces the entire process.
Some of the variables that come into play in in technology enabled selling are:
  • Understanding your unique attributes and sweet spot
  • Understanding your sales process and the customers buying process
  • Aligning your process with the proper information and technology
  • Knowing when and where to use, and not use technology
  • Using technology internally for better processes, alignment and deployment of people
  • Staying on top of changes in technology and when to change or stay pat
  • Not relying on or confusing technology with great selling skills and processes
IPG's program teaches your sales team how to properly use technology to gain a significant advantage in winning business and providing superior service.

Anticipated Outcome/Benefits:
  1. You will have a clientized, state of the art program that will drive more and higher quality sales.
  2. The best sales process and skills, integrated with great technology practices, 9along with our extensive research) creates more specific application of the program, accelerates higher performance and faster results.
  3. Sales cycles will be shorter.
  4. Forecasting will be more accurate
  5. % of wins will increase
  6. Less attrition in your customer base
  7. You will save time and money
  8. Increase retention of your best  people and faster ramps for new hires
  9. Your pipeline will be fuller to offset bad selling practices and chasing bad business
  10. Our IR (intense reinforcement) program assures that the behavior changes and skills will be adopted for individual and corporate growth. A variety of activities will be used (web, 1:1 coaching, etc.) to drive the skills between classroom sessions. In addition, there is unlimited e-mail support!
  11. All sales personnel will leave the session with a common set of tools and skills to compliment your other programs and they can use in their territory and opportunities!
  12. Better coordination between all sales and support teams to improve close rates
  13. Your R.O.I. is very strong