Tandberg Testimonial Letter



As we embark on fiscal year 2005, I wanted to drop you a note regarding IPG training and the results that we've realized thus far.

Perhaps my favorite anecdote is how your training helped one of our sales people progress from being in jeopardy of her job to making her number four straight quarters. She credits her success in large part to your training. On a larger scale, our most successful commercial region for 2004 told me that the use of your A.O.P. helped them strategize and win some of the largest deals and accounts in their territory. Globally, TANDBERG continues to grow faster than our industry as well as our chief rivals. We're establishig record revenues quarter over quarter and year over year. This also is due in part to your training program.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the increased traction that we've experienced with our distribution partners. Your work with our channels drove the kind of mindshare and competence we were looking for and helped us increase our revenue share without our own people being directly involved.

We're looking forward to similar results in 2005.

Thanks once again for your help.

Brad Johnston

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