Selling Services

People  think there is  a huge difference in selling services vs. a product. They wonder how do you sell something that you can’t see, touch or feel? That the customer can’t even try out before buying or be proven?  Selling services, whether before or after the sale, is easier when you understand your service is your product. Successful selling of services begins with understanding a client’s problems and knowing how your services solve these challenges. It means building a client relationship based upon trust and a shared understanding of priorities. It means that the sales person actually becomes part of the solution.

R.E.A.L.™ Selling Services is a comprehensive sales training and development program that focuses on the essential skills of selling for pre-and post-technical support people and consultants.

This program will:

  • help all people who are involved with the customer before, during and after the sale
  • have support and service personnel understand the importance of their position in the selling process
  • remove negative pre-conceived notions of selling
  • enhance knowledge of business and decision processes
  • provide the skills that are appropriate to their position.

Benefits include:

  • more revenue opportunities that the dedicated sales team can focus on
  • increase utilization rates of consultants
  • extend customer loyalty
  • increase the number of wins in large strategic opportunities
  • improve margins
  • much better teamwork and role definition