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Sales 2.0 Panel: Social Networks Improve Sales Rep Effectiveness

Sales 2.0 Panel with Jonathan London: Social Networks Improve Sales Rep Effectiveness


Jonathan London and the panel discuss how social networks affect the ability of a rep to connect and engage with new buyers, how sales leaders have adapted their sales process and best practices for using social networks and sales intelligence to impact revenue.
Moderator: Peter Ostrow, Aberdeen Group
Panelists: Kyle York, Dyn; Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling
Jonathan London, The Improved Performance Group

Sales Training Videos & Podcasts

Sales Techniques for Better Sales --SellingPower TV Interviews

Jonathan London sat down with Gerhard Gschwandtner of SellingPower TV to provide insights about how to improve sales. In these three videos, Jonathan talks about how to identify your competitive advantage, makes sales training stick and implement effective practices for better sales.

Sales Tips

Sales Tips from our colleague Bill Farquharson, owner of Aspire For Inc. The videos use examples from the print industry but they are about selling and provide tips everyone can use.

The Selling Owner: Valuable if you own a business and act as the primary sales person.

Bill Farquharson, Aspire For
www.AspireFor.com <http://www.AspireFor.com>

Understanding Business Challenges: Learn to sell from the perspective of the prospects needs not the features of what you offer.


Bill Farquharson, Aspire For
www.AspireFor.com <http://www.AspireFor.com>

Sales Upside to a Recession


selling in a recession podcastRecession selling can have an upside to your career so says Jonathan London.  He details four key elements you need to be doing in a recession that will benefit you even more when selling in good times. You might want to take out a pen and paper to capture his insights as he drills down on each of the four elements. Go to Salesopedia to listen to The Sales Upside to Recession.



Sales Techniques - What Not to Do

Telephone sales requires a specific set of skills. You are not face-to-face with the client and that makes it a little more challenging to build a rapport. Watch this video of an actual telephone sales call and see what your telephone reps should NOT be doing, then learn more about our Telephone Sales Training program and how we can help you close more by phone.

Solution Selling

If you believe in what you do and understand the benefits for your prospect, you can sell anything. Watch this master of sales and then read more about our Selling Solutions program.