5 Step Sales Training Process

There are a lot of sales training companies. Why should you hire IPG?

  • We get to know your company first, and really understand its strengths, weaknesses and sales challenges.
  • We develop training programs that are customized to your company.  (We have our own term for this. We say we “Clientize™” your program)
  • Your people will learn how to immediately apply skills and ideas to their actual job in their actual company.
  • The people who create the training programs are also the experts who deliver them.
  • We stay in touch after the training to make sure you are getting the results you want.

Our 5 step sales training process is the key to our success:

  1. Research & Gap Analysis
    IPG interviews, observes, listens and experiences to thoroughly understand your company’s sales process.  
  2. Program Development
    We create customized programs specifically for your organization.  
  3. Delivery
    Proven sales and management experts with experience in your industry deliver the IPG training programs.  
  4. Reinforcement & Measurement
    Webinars, email forums, website resources, one-on-one coaching and more reinforce skills. 
  5. Continuous Improvement
    IPG programs are constantly refined as your needs evolve.