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Preview Chapter 6 from Using Technology to Sell. Published by Apress, 2012.  

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Using Technology to Sell

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A Conversation with Jonathan London by Linda Richardson.  In the December 2012 Issue of Top Sales World Magazine Jonathan London shares his views on "Why Are Salespeople Still So "Technologically Inept?" Click Here For A Copy.

Interview with Barbara Giamanco, Sales Mastery Host.  Jonathan London discusses his book on "Using Technology to Sell,"  and how it can improve the profitability of those sales and close sales far more quickly.  Click Here to Listen

Interview with Mary Poul, Host of Sales Mastery Summit.  Jonathan London discusses the use of technology and how to control your ability to succeed -- for all salespeople.  Click Here to View & Listen


Sales 2.0 Panel with Jonathan London: Social Networks Improve Sales Rep Effectiveness

Jonathan London and the panel discuss how social networks affect the ability of a rep to connect and engage with new buyers, how sales leaders have adapted their sales process and best practices for using social networks and sales intelligence to impact revenue.
Moderator: Peter Ostrow, Aberdeen Group
Panelists: Kyle York, Dyn; Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling
Jonathan London, The Improved Performance Group


IPG Training by Jonathan London.wmv

Jonathan London  speaking at the Sales Training Session with VBrick Systems on November 23, 2010. Sales Tips and Advice on DiSC Personality Behavior; Access to Power/Prospecting; S.PRI.N.G. Dialogue; Presenting and Objection Handling.


Sales Coaching Marathon:  Get the Replay Now  A Q&A on Jill Konrath's Talk Show about prospecting, stalled sales cycles, start-ups, value propositions, LinkedIn, competition and much more.

Interview:  Use Technology to Improve Sales


describe the imageUse Technology to Boost Sales
10 ways to use high-tech tools to increase the effectiveness of your sales force.

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