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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

5 Clear, Easy, Logical Selling Strategies to Sell More

Posted on Thu, Apr 12, 2012


5 Clear, Easy, Logical Steps to Selling More


...Or On The Way to the Men’s Room at a Client.

As often happens (but not often enough), I had a realization about the way a person or business can have the success they want in selling their product or offering with these selling strategies. 

This might seem obvious, or this may be taught somewhere, but for me, it is my experience and message in a very simple way. Here you go:

1. What's your target market?
2. What needs are you addressing?
3. Do you have any unique advantages?
4. Who by title and responsibility needs these unique advantages the most?
5. What approach or channel is the best way to get to these people and organizations that need you?

Now as Nike says, “Just Do It” and as I say, “If not you, who? If not now, when?”

If you want to know more, you can:

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Lead Generation:Sales Close Ratios

Posted on Thu, Mar 15, 2012

 Ted Williams Chart, Lead Generation:  Sales Close Ratios


I was thinking this morning how overly dependent sales people have become on lead generation, and how in turn, sales skills have declined or been defined. It is comparable to how quickly somebody can find a location on a map if all they ever used in their life was a GPS. It is easier with a GPS, you become dependent and you are not as effective, or even lost without it.

So I was wondering if there is any scoring or efficiency ratings to determine how good a lead is in relation to how good a salesperson or team’s closing ratio is. In baseball, they can tell how well or poorly a player hits based on where the ball is pitched or how effective a pitcher is based on his strike:ball ratio

You would think that this would help in some many ways:

1. holding both marketing and sales accountable for generating the quality and quantity of actions they are responsible for

2. assigning leads to the most effective sales people based on what they are strongest at closing, or assigning a higher % of leads to your better closers

3. it could even affect the structure of your organization so it is more lead based vs. account or geography based

I also wonder if there is an expectation that close RATES will be higher, not just sales. You would think a company would expect close ratios to increase significantly if the sales organization was being fed qualified leads. I know companies that are lead generation machines and have noticed that close ratios DECREASED because salespeople got lazy. They knew if they didn't close one opportunity, another lead was right behind.  Every time they reduced the number of leads the close ratios INCREASED.

So what do you do?

1. hire more salespeople

2. slow down your lead flow

3. OR TRAIN YOUR SALESPEOPLE TO BE BETTER to take advantage of marketing and leads being generate, which allows you to hire more salespeople or get more out of the people you have


What would you need to make salespeople better? To start:

1. create and inspect more stringent standards re. your sales process

2. determine if your salespeople are asking the right questions in the right way to differentiate and qualify an opportunity

3. teach them how to present, demonstrate or propose their solution

4. anticipate and handle objections more effectively

5. and more.

Tell me what you think or ask me what you want.

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Salespeople: Sell Don't Educate

Posted on Tue, Feb 28, 2012


 Sell Don't Educate          Sell Don't Educate

Unless I am mistaken, there is no company that pays their salespeople on how well they educate people vs. how much they sell.

I work with a lot of high tech and new media companies who are in the Early Adopter stage of the sales curve (see "Crossing the Chasm" by Geoffrey Moore if you want to know more). For those of you not familiar, the Early Adopter is the time in a product or industry life cycle where a new product or service is being introduced. Therefore prospects need to be educated on what this new thing is before they buy it.

Makes sense, but the pendulum has swung way too far to educating and not selling. In the last few months I have been working with 3 different companies who are so conditioned to educate they are completely missing opportunities to sell. They are not applying the education to the specific ways a prospect could benefit from their offering.

Here are just a few (3) examples of educating vs. selling:

Example 1:

Educating:    Giving figures about the market potential their offering addresses

Selling:         Discussing how much of the market the prospect could capture and how much it would be worth to them

Example 2:

Educating:    Discussing the differences between their offering and the competition, or, discussing their offer without comparing or contrasting to what they already know so it is easier to understand the differences. IN EITHER CASE

Selling:          Relating how these differences will give a better result

Example 3:

Educating:    Over emphasizing the background of the founders, including their names and to various degrees, their work history

Selling:         NOBODY CARES unless they are from Google, Apple or they are Lady GaGa


Another deficiency is the inability of salespeople to utter these phrases:

-       The reason this is important

-       And what this means to you

-       The benefit of

-       I am highlighting this because it will benefit you in the following way

-       This unique capability allows you to…

     Without this capability you may not .... (FUD)

This has gotten so bad that I think a mandatory part of hiring salespeople should be to test them on whether they can verbalize these words. 

Please comment or call me if you think I can help or if you have an opinion.




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