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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Salespeople, 15 Presentation Tips

Posted on Tue, Dec 18, 2012


Salespeople, Presentation Tips

A presentation, proposal or demonstration is a key event in the sales process for most of my customers, but much of what happens in a presentation depends on what has happened prior.

As a reminder:

  •      do you know what the compelling event is and the financial value to   the client
  •      have you planned your presentation to clearly differentiate yourself
  •      are you doing it alone or should you have others help you
  •      have you set traps for the competition
  •      do you have the right story to tell and stories to illustrate your story and presentation
  •      do you have somebody at the client who can give you advice
  •      are you prepared for any objections that come up frequently
  •      and more

Feel free to use this planner if it will help or call or email me.

 Download Presentation Planner

Happy Holidays everyone!

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