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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Salespeople - 23 Selling Tips for 2014

Posted on Fri, Jan 10, 2014

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If you haven’t started already, now is a good time to start planning for 2014. Here are some of the ways to do it and questions to ask yourself:


  1. Do I know where my success came from last year? What did I do to make things happen and be a successful salesperson?
  2. Do I know where I want to put my efforts into this year? Are they the same as last year or different?  Have I created smart goals for myself?
  3. Which of my offerings has real advantages that I should take advantage of?
  4. Are there particular vertical markets or segments that I want to focus on?
  5. What people, sales technology and resources will I surround myself with so I can get help when I need it?
  6. What will I:
    • Continue doing or do more of that is working
    • Stop doing that is in the way of my success
    • Start doing that is needed because of market conditions or opportunities
    1. Who, at work or home do I need to help me stay disciplined enough to the things that are most important?
    2. What have I been putting off that needs to be done?
    3. Have I targeted the accounts I want to sell?
    4. Do I know the one or two that would really put me over the top?
    5. Am I using social media, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. to keep me in touch with the people and events that are critical to my success?
    6. Am I using free services like Google Alerts to do the same?
    7. What support mechanisms do I have to keep balanced?
    8. What is my quick start program so I have a great quarter and make the rest of the year a “little” easier?
    9. Are my manager and I on the same page so he/she supports me vs. interferes?
    10. Can you tell yourself what you are or are not willing to do so you are happy and successful?
    11. Can you identify what motivates you, or like most about your job so you can spend as much time and do it as often as possible?
    12. If your compensation plan is here, do you know how you will make the most money from it?
    13. Do you know your offering inside and out so you can present it in more ways, with more effect than your competition or co-workers?
    14. Can you be more organized and/or effective by being more focused and wasting less time in a day?
    15. Can you identify the 3 or 4 most important priorities for your success?
    16. Can you create an image for yourself of what short and long term success looks and feels like to keep yourself motivated, positive?
    17. What technology will I learn to help me sell more?


      Please let me know if you would like to talk or I can help in any way. I wish you the best, healthiest, most fulfilling 2014.

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      Prospecting and Other Often Asked Questions

      Posted on Tue, Jun 26, 2012

      Questions on prospecting

      Of the many questions I get, here are some of the most common and important:

      Q:    How do I get more appointments?

      1.    Prospect more and ask for referrals. 

      2.    Like brushing your teeth, do it regularly.

      3.    If you are really religious or spiritual, you can ask whatever G-d or spirit you pray to        but I wouldn't count on it.

      Q:    What is the best way to prospect using e-mail?

      1.    Make sure the subject line gets their attention. I had a customer, now a friend write a subject line like “Kick XM’s Ass” when he was trying to sell to Sirius radio (this is before they merged). He sent it at the lunch break of our class and got the appointment at the afternoon break. This might be a bit too brazen but something that is relevant to them at the time you are sending it is the rule!

      2.    Use the no scroll rule which is:

      • 1 ½ lines to introduce yourself and why you are writing
      • 3 benefits with key words bulleted on one line each
      • an active close where you ask them to respond by a certain time or you will reach out to them

      3.    Intersperse email with the phone or some other form of communication

      4.    Send the same email to more that one person who will be interested. Try doing it at the same time to trigger their own internal competition and politics.

      Q:    How do I get people to call me back?

      1.    Make sure it is a real deal and don't give them everything they ask for too quickly or all at once. 

      2.    If you do then they have no need or reason to speak to you.

      3.    Have a thick skin and plenty in the pipeline

      4.    Polite persistence

      Q:   How do I handle the prospect asking for a better price?

      1.    Anticipate the objection during the sales process.

      2.    Understand the financial value of your solution.

      3.    Have a counter offer of equal or greater value than the price they are asking for

      4.    Be willing to say no below a certain price.

      5.    Have plenty in the funnel so you aren’t desperate.

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      Go On Vacation To Close Your Biggest Deals

      Posted on Thu, May 31, 2012


       Go On Vacation


      Closing deals, become more effective closers, how do I close more, etc. are common subjects and questions raised.

      The largest deals I have ever closed happened while I was away on vacation. Now how does that happen?
      Clue:  the answer is not to go away on vacation.

      Do you want to know how to close more business?

      Are you willing to do what is needed?
      Another Clue: it is not about “closing techniques” although they are good to know.

      OK, here is how you close more business:

      Do all the right things beforehand and the business will close for you. Then, all you will need to do is give them the contract to sign.

      What are all the right things beforehand? There are so many but here are the most important:

      1.    Don't chase bad business
      2.    Prospect a lot so you don't have to chase bad business
      3.    Know what bad or good business looks like by defining your sweetspot and comparing it to the opportunity in front of you
      4.    But what if it is a HUGE deal?
          a.  Don't bother unless you can actually service and support it and/or make it repeatable
      5.    Prospects fall into 3 categories and the earlier you know the better:
          a.  Will never buy from you, ever (stay away from these)
          b.  Are open minded about buying from you (see how open minded)
          c.  Want to buy from you (should have 100% close rate)
      6.    If it is too good to be true, it just might be. Don't ever mistake somebody’s desire and eagerness for their ability to buy.
      7.    If somebody else is better able to close the deal, ask for their help and split the proceeds (especially for deals that require people at multiple locations).
      8.    Don't propose something over a person’s buying authority unless you are certain those above that person will rubber stamp the deal.
      9.    Sell to people you are referred to, and if possible, easy to visit (not necessary but nice).
      10.   Be a mensch. A good, well intended, honest person. People will want to buy from you.

      What do you think are the best ways to close business?

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