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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sell More By Getting Past The "I" You Are Selling To

Posted on Tue, Mar 11, 2014

buddha with headset

For the longest time, my theory of evolution in our life and society have been analogous to the evolution of the computer industry:

  1. We started by having one computer that took up several football fields, did very little and only the privileged few (the aristocracy, the kings you might say) had access to the power. The rest of us were the in the fiefdom.
  2. That became the mainframe that IBM ultimately dominated, but again, only the privileged few had access to the power.
  3. Then came the minicomputers (Prime, DEC) and more people (lets say the heads of state or, territory or area) had access to the power
  4. Then came the PC and laptop computer and all of a sudden individuals had access to the power
  5. And of course we now have our mobile devices which are faster than the original PC’s, and give us access to ………..

And it is making us less inclined to consider the other, since we feel we don't need them anymore. After all, if I CAN GET WHAT I WANT AND WHEN I WANT IT, without having to deal with people, or salespeople, why should I?

 But, here is the problem. It is misleading, an illusion. People still have the need to be connected (see Facebook), still need the personal relationship, even though they are being conditioned and feel like they don’t. “For example, Big Data” is meant to be broken down into it’s most minute, measurable element which just obscures the fact that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” and that we are all in this together.

 So what does this mean for us as salespeople:

  1. Reach out and touch someone, reach out and just say hi. Don't fool yourself or be misled
  2. Go visit somebody in person
  3. Be sensitive to people’s DiSC style, emotions, etc that affect how they buy
  4. Relate to people as people, not objects or invaluable objects, especially if you are the benefactor of many leads
  5. When you are with a prospect or customer, don't just ask about their technical and/or project needs but see if you can find out what it means to them personally.
  6. Be honest, genuine, kind, generous, caring and people will respond to you.

What are your thoughts? Please let me know.



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Social Media and Sales Opportunities

Posted on Thu, Jul 12, 2012

Social media and Sales

I am on a panel at Selling Power 2.0 on Monday, July 23rd and the conversation is all about social media and selling. It is common knowledge at this point that people are going online to help with their purchasing decisions, BUT, I don't think salespeople have made the transition to truly understand how their prospects are doing so.

I think our questions regarding a prospect’s decision process and criteria needs to start including social media questions:
1.    Do you use social media to help in your decision process (if they look at you like a deer in the headlights you don't need to ask any of the following questions)?
2.    How did you use social media, LinkedIn, forums or the internet up to this point in your decision?
3.    How will you be using it from this point till your final decision?
4.    How much weight do you give to the information online?
5.    Where do you go?
6.    Is there anyone or any site in particular you really respect and influences you?
7.    Have you read…? (plant seed)
8.    Have you been to our or my blog or site?
9.    Is there anybody in the decision process who is enamored with or believes this is a critical part of the process?
10.    How does this compare with actual references that I will give you?

Once you have the answer to these questions, and if the deal is large enough, you or your marketing organization can start monitoring or contributing to these sites, blogs, forums, etc. This would be particularly important when you are working a large deal that takes a longer time and has large lags between key events of steps in a process.  Email Me, OR:

Click me  

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