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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Dealing with Anxiety to Get Better Sales Results

Posted on Tue, Feb 11, 2014



 Yesterday while I was volunteering at a food pantry I got an email that a client had decided to use my coaching services. I was taken by surprise since I wasn't in a business frame of mind, but nonetheless very happy and, being the pro-active person I am, I responded by saying so and giving him some days and times for us to speak.

Without getting into the details of how email messages can be misunderstood, or not written properly (my bad) we went back and forth several times.

I started to worry about his being concerned working with me when our email interaction was not as tight as it should have been. On my way to meet my brother for dinner, my worry became anxiety, a feeling my meditation is helping me deal with more effectively, but I struggled with it this time. My mind had a hard time letting go. I tried:

  • A logical approach
  • A so-what approach
  • An ignore it approach
  • A get involved in what I am doing approach
  • but none of it worked.

 So I decided to do something very basic and simple. I took a few minutes to get centered by concentrating on my breathing. After that, I brought to mind the situation and the anxiety I was feeling, and in this more relaxed place I watched and observed my reaction vs. being controlled by it.

 I ended up calling vs. emailing and telling him this call was the official message of time and date to meet. I also sent him an invite. End of story the meet is on, and probably would have been regardless, but I am focusing on anxiety and I felt much less anxious.

 Other observations:

  • I was less harsh to myself and more accepting that it wasn't as bad as I was making it, and if it didn't happen, “I would survive “.
  • I caused the anxiety by “rushing” into my additional response. No need to even when excited about the situation.
  • Worry and anxiety are OK in healthy proportions but if they bring upset , than something is amiss.
  • Maybe by taking a few breaths to calm yourself and get some perspective, you will see more clearly, feel less anxious and get better results.

 What do you think? What do you do to prevent or relieve worry and anxiety? Thanks.