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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sales Tip - 16 Questions to Ask About Budget

Posted on Tue, Sep 24, 2013

Asking about budget is a very sensitive issue and needs to be done delicately. Below are 16 ways or questions you can ask about a budget. These can be asked at various times in the sales process.

  1. Is there a budget for this project
  2. How much is it
  3. Can you give me a rough idea or estimate or range
  4. Who was involved in setting the budget
  5. What % of the overall project is the budget for what we are discussing
  6. What elements went into the budget
  7. Is the budget approved
  8. Is it an op ex or cap ex
  9. What are the different signatures required to get the budget
  10. Are you competing for this budget or is it a line item for you
  11. What can make this budget disappear
  12. Whose budget/money is it
  13. If not budgeted, how do you get money
  14. Is there a precedent you can use that would be successful
  15. Where is the most perilous path in spending the money
  16. What internal or external obstacles can prevent this budget being allocated

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