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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sales Tips - 7 Items vs Discounting and Negotiation Timing

Posted on Tue, Sep 17, 2013

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Most opportunities have a price sensitivity and also a time sensitivity. Too often the assumption is that the discount (if you are giving one) has to be offered immediately which is never good for the salesperson. It implies a willingness to do so and to do more of it.

A better way of dealing with this issue is to:

  • understand when a decision is going to be made so you don't offer something too early to the prospect
  • understand what the prospect is trying to achieve with your offer
  • in turn, know what has more value than a discount to a prospect and offer them these things instead
  • some of the categories these other items of value might be are:
    1. services
    2. time
    3. additional capabilities
    4. guarantees
    5. set-up
    6. upgrades
    7. flexibility in payment terms

 The other thing to remember is you don't have to give them anything or give them a discount right away. If they are truly interested, you can take your time (being conscious of their decision time frame) whether is an hour, a few hours or a few days before getting back to them.

You should also get their commitment that if you do give them what they are looking for that they will buy from you. It doesn't mean they will say yes, but you should ask anyway.

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