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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sales Tips - Are You in Alignment or Do You Need an Adjustment

Posted on Tue, Jul 16, 2013

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Are You Aligned or Do you Need an Adjustment

To feel healthiest, all of the parts of your body need to be aligned.

The same is true in the body of a sales organization and the areas and departments that support it. Everyone has more than they can do and not enough time to do it. The sales body is being stressed and probably needs an adjustment and alignment.

How well aligned you are in achieving your numbers is a critical element of your sales health. Is there a lot of internal friction or is everything working more easily.

Is there an external customer focus or an internal meeting focus?

This is important both inter and intra departmentally, where it might be even more important and more difficult since these people don’t report to you and might have conflicting priorities or sometimes the wrong attitude or perception about sales.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and others:

  • Who and what are the key departments and people that need to help me and support me when I ask?
  • Have we met with each other to discuss our mutual goals and priorities to see if they are in alignment?
  • Are you compensated in a way that compliments or conflicts with each other?
  • Do you know where the obvious conflicts are?
  • Do you know what you will not do as much as what you will do?
  • Are you being realistic or overly ambitious in trying to help each other?
  • Does either of your boss’ goals and priorities conflict with what you have agreed to?
  • Do you have rules of engagement in terms of how you will handle grey areas, like:
    1. 3 strikes and you are out
    2. in case of a tie, who wins
    3. you only lose your right to be the decision maker if your choice is incorrect
  • If there is a conflict:
    1. do you go back and forth on who has first rights?
    2. do you escalate?
    3. is one of you more equal than the other
    4. do you agree that the person only loses their right to choose if they are wrong the last time they chose?
  • Is there a time frame for this agreement?
  • How often will you review these priorities?

 Let me know what you think or reach out if I can be of assistance.



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