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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sales Tips - The 4th Most Difficult Part of Selling - Differentiating

Posted on Tue, Jul 02, 2013


Salespeople, Differentiate Yourself

 In my recent Linkedin poll (which are only offered in groups now) the 4th most difficult part of the sales process was differentating yourself.

 Don’t you hate it when a prospect tells you that you and your competition are all the same?

Why might this be happening?  Because:

  1. It is a ploy to get you to drop your price
  2. You haven’t done a good job selling or differentiating yourself
  3. You are using the same boilerplate proposals for everyone
  4. They haven’t done their due diligence in order to see the differences
  5. They really aren’t that interested in what you are selling
  6. You don't know what your differentiators are
  7. You don't know what they are or how to express your differentiators
  8. You are not preparing for your call or the objection and you are caught off guard. 

How can you differentiate yourself?

Experience to Differentiate:

  1.  Get to know an industry using your knowledge and industry jargon
  2.  With an application by showing insight into how it can be used. don't just show the basics but show them how you can do things they can't read about or the competition doesn't have or didn't show them.
  3.  In a certain business area in the same way as you would an industry
  4. With a certain business problem. Focus on the business problems all the companies in an industry has and really use this knowledge in all phases of the sales cycle.
  5. How to finance a solution. Creative financing can be a huge differentiator. The same with T&C's
  6. Telling stories or anecdotes or analogies to get your point across
  7. Using industry acronyms or language to create the aura of expertise

 Intelligence, Insights and Knowledge to Differentiate:

  1. Gained from reading about an industry - stay on top of issues that others dont make the effort to do
  2. Gained from reading about the trends in their or your industry
  3. Just being smart by applying your knowledge to their priorities and needs in ways that your competition doesn't
  4. Having sold other clients in their industry or application area, use this knowledge in ways already described
  5. Using case studies
  6. Having active references as leads or to close the business
  7. Using whitepapers to prove your point
  8. How to use resources to express different points
  9. Have active references 

Basic Sales Practices that Differentiate:

  1. Do some research before your call so you are more impressive
  2. Build rapport so they are more comfortable with you. Use your DiSC training if you have had it already.
  3. Listen more than you talk. Use the S.PRI.N.G. Dialogue as a platform to ask, listen and engage with the prospect
  4. Be straight forward and honest. Dont manipulate everything to a yes
  5. Do what you say, including follow-up
  6. Use your personality


What have you done to differentiate yourself? Let us know.



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