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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sales Tips - 12 Tips and Questions About Territory Management

Posted on Tue, Jun 04, 2013

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How do you manage your territory of existing and or new clients without losing focus on the biggest opportunities. This is asked of me all the time and it is becoming a bigger problem as more is being asked of the individual salesperson or account manager.

Here are some different questions for you to answer and ways you can best manage yourself and get the most from your territory and manage your time:

  1. how many accounts to do you have and do you have too many
  2. does the 80/20 rule relate to you or is it more 70/30 or 90/10 (it could also be 85/15 or something like that)
  3. are you spending your time accordingly and not getting distracted by the volume of issues from smaller accounts or opportunities
  4. when you interact with your prospects and clients are you only asking for near term business because of the pressure you are under or are you asking for their short term and long term goals and priorities
  5. do you have multiple contacts in your best accounts so you are not exposed if your contact leaves
  6. do you delegate (if you have someone to delegate to) things that get in your way of focusing on your largest opportunities and clients
  7. Do you know where your accounts are growing so you can focus in these areas? Do you have a "whitespace" document or spreadsheet
  8. are you using Google alerts to stay on the activities for your best accounts
  9. do you follow your best accounts and prospects on Twitter and Linkedin so you can reach out and stay current with them
  10. do you use technology (email, Linkedin Groups, other social media) to stay in touch with the smaller accounts so they are constantly aware of what you and your company are doing. If not you, is somebody in your company doing so?
  11. for your smaller accounts, are you using their inbound emails or calls to qualify if their is a bigger opportunity underneath their request
  12. do you know what industries or geograpic areas are growing the most in your territory so you can focus on these
If you have any other tips or ideas, please let me know.

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