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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sales Tips - Forecasting & Closing - Last 12 Questions to Ask

Posted on Wed, May 22, 2013

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In my last blog, I discussed the importance of asking the right questions in order to know if you are forecasting properly.
Actually, the 22 questions from this week and last week are meant to improve your sales closing and selling skills. These selling questions are meant for you to get more information so you can be more strategic about your opportunities.
  1. What is the exact process from now to PO? Inc peoples names and roles
  2. What could prevent this (holidays, people, etc.) from happening?
  3. Has this been account you are forecasting been delayed before? If so, why is it being forecast now?
  4. If we got the verbal, what needs to happen to turn it into revenue?
  5. Any opp’t to upsell or get more on the RFP
  6. Any chance we will get less?
  7. Is the competition eliminated?
  8. How can we move it up or money from elsewhere into this deal?
  9. Where are we vulnerable
  10. Do we need executive involvement
  11. Can we make into smaller pieces so they can process it more easily
  12. What’s the next step?
What questions do you ask? If you want a list of these and other great questions, click here and I will be happy and send them to you

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