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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

C Level Selling - 10 Things to Measure That You Don't To Sell More

Posted on Wed, May 08, 2013



In developing a sales process for a customer we were dong the normal stuff you should be measuring:

decision process, decision criteria, budget, competition, compelling event, etc.

But when we looked at the deals they were winning, we found a whole other set of measurements that weren't being looked at and were much more important.

  1. do we get along
  2. does the customer give me access
  3. are they giving me feedback to make the proposal better
  4. are they coaching me a little
  5. am I making an impression on them with my knowledge, insights and candor
  6. can I see that they want to do business with me or buy from me
  7. are they allowing me to be honest and direct
  8. are they giving me access and positive exposure to important people
  9. do they respond to my emails and invites
  10. do they accept my Linkedin invite

 We realized that these indicators are as if not more important than the price or quality of your offer, because if they are not responding as described above, it also tells you there is a problem you have to attend to.

So what is the moral to this story? Doing the things that can be empirically measured can be less important than doing the things above. What else do you look at?

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