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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Prospecting – Are you Boring and Making Mistakes Like Everybody Else

Posted on Tue, Apr 30, 2013


Prospecting is becoming a more popular and important skill, yet salespeople don't know how to do it and keep making the same 3 main mistakes.

Mistake #1 - Saying the same thing everybody else does that has no relevance to the client. Salespeople tend to think about what their product does vs. what the person they are callng or e-mailing cares about. So they make a list of features that nobody understands or cares about. 

What to Do Instead: Pick your 3 best markets or functional areas and really understand what they need and how your offer helps them. For example, an attorney's office cares about billable hours, client satisfaction and client retention. That is not what a hospital cares about.

Mistake #2 - Not using Compelling Events - Similar to Mistake #1, since they are changing the message, they aren't looking for something that grabs the prospects's attention, what i call a compelling or current event.

 What to Do Instead: Again, to use a law firm as an example, they might be expanding, or starting a new practice or hiring aggressively. All of these are compelling events or current events that have meaning to the prospect and will get their attention. The most powerful of these is a referral which iswhy you need to use social media, Linkedin, Google+, etc to see who you might know to make introductions for you.

Mistake #3 -  relying on others to do what you need to do - marketing or lead gen is reaching out to everyone and noone in particular. THey are catching as many fish as they can in their wide net but may not be catching those that are best for you.

What to Do Instead: Work with marketing to divide and conquer. Figure out who is best suited to reach out to what type of prospect and then you both work together to penetrate your chosen markets or companies.

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