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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sales Training: 16 Reasons Coaching is The Best Way of Training

Posted on Fri, Apr 05, 2013


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In working with all size companies for the last 19 years, I know the critical role coaching plays in developing sales people and managers and getting the most from them.

Whether this coaching is done as part of a formal sales training process or independently; 1:1 coaching is an incredible tool to improve performance. You can:

  1. give each person what they need  vs. a blend for everyone
  2. offer a person an opportunity to learn from an outside perspective
  3. allow people can voice their opinion which they would not feel comfortable doing otherwise
  4. extend the reach of your management so they can get to other things while their people are being developed
  5. give your best and most senior people get the attention they need so they don't quit
  6. ramp new hires more quickly
  7. have your management team can be coached to improve their skills and all the benefit that come with that
  8. give people specific assignments that are targeted to their specific needs
  9. have sessions be recorded for people to review
  10. give as many or as little sessions as are required by the individual
  11. get a great ROI since the investment is similar to classroom training
  12. provide motivation to people who are in need of a lift
  13. have previous top performers who are lagging reach their potential again
  14. coach in person, via video or web to keep costs down
  15. increase sales in a very short time frame
  16. strategize large deals with expertise not in house.

Let me know if you want to discuss or have questions on coaching for you or your team.

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