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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

12 Questions to Ask about a Prospect's Sales Process

Posted on Tue, Apr 09, 2013

Sales Process:  12 Questions



1.          Have you ever made a decision like this? Is there a sales process you use?

2.          How do you make decisions of this nature.

3.          Where are you in that process now?

4.          Other than yourself, who else needs to be OK with this decision?

5.          What roles do others play and what do they need to see or hear?

6.          In the past, how have you made these kinds of decisions?  Will it be the same

             or different this time around?

7.          What are the steps?  Who is involved, what is their role and what do you

              need  to get their buy off?

8.          Even if you don’t go with us, what are the obstacles you have to navigate to  get approval?

9.          Are any of the people you mentioned more critical than the others?

10.       Who is driving this at an executive level?

11.       What is the compelling event driving this?

12.       Why now?

You can reach out to me if you have questions on the 12 Questions.

12 Questions on Sales Process

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