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Salespeople, 19 Ways to Close Bigger Deals: Part 2

Posted on Tue, Mar 05, 2013


Salespeople, 19 Ways to Close Bigger Deals

Below are ideas 5-8 that can be helpful in closing bigger deals.

5.  Know their decision process and the people involved so you don't have to chase or guess.

     Bigger deals involve many more people and checks and balances. Companies are very bureaucratic and processed when larger deals are involved. Different people have different signature authorities for money or influence dependent upon their role. Find out as early as possible what the process is so there are no surprises and you can align resources

6.  If you must, use discounting wisely. Keep something in your back pocket.

     Regardless what people say, discounting is a standard or common part of a sales process. I am not saying you should discount haphazardly or unnecessarily, but if you have to offer anything, do not offer it too early and not have anything left at the end. Having said that, if you can offer something has more value than money to the prospect, then do that.

7.  Use your management and pre/post sales support team early and often.

     A lot of salespeople do not use their resources well or properly. Specifically, they don't introduce the people that will be supporting the client. It diminishes your ability, makes you look smaller than you are and puts you at a competitive disadvantage, especially if the competition is doing it. It also gives you different people to establish relations and get information that is critical to win large deals.

8.  Know your negotiation strategy so the deal doesn't get delayed.

     There are multiple negotiation strategies you can use. The way you start establishing your negotiation strategy is to use a selling strategy that reflects the same. You can take a more direct, conciliatory or integrative approach with the prospect. It also means knowing how the prospect tends to negotiate and setting the right expectations in what might happen in a negotiation.

Stay tuned for more, in the meantime, do reach out to me if you have any suggestions or questions.

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