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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

5 Steps to Accelerate the Sales Process by Turning it Upside Down

Posted on Fri, Feb 15, 2013


 Accelerate the Sales Process by Turning it Upside Down

In working with a client in helping define their sales process for an enterprise solution, we went through the usual steps of what has to happen, when and who has to do what.

We created a master list and then we chose the items they could apply to existing deals in order to shorten the sales cycle. This was extremely helpful in having them see what they could do.

Finally we turned the whole sales process upside down and started with the end in mind.

So here is what we suggest:

 1.    In first meeting the client, tell them what your objective is which is to demonstrate a   significant cost savings.  In fact, the account they are speaking to was chosen from the few that met their criteria.  If they didn't meet the criteria, they, the vendor wouldn't have reached out.
2.    The vendor is so confident of their offer they will do real testing and modeling showing the prospect what their actual savings is (you may have to offer something else based on your company’s capabilities).
3.    Of course, the vendor needs to show them how it will be done and answer questions, but
4.    After that is done they are asking the person they are meeting with to sponsor this project in the organization.
5.    If the prospect doesn't know how to make this happen, the vendor will show them how it has been done in other organizations.

Of course in the real world there will be many prospects who will not respond to this and the vendor may have to go back to a more traditional model.

In addition, the vendor and salesperson has to avoid being too verbose or arrogant but present the offer in a way where the prospect can see the opportunity in front of them.

I hope you like this idea. Try it in some accounts to see how people react.

Reach out to me if you have any questions.

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