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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

10 Sales Meeting Tips - How to Engage if Prospect is Far Along

Posted on Mon, Jan 28, 2013

10 Sales Meeting Tips


It can be overwhelming to watch how many technologies are available to generate leads. And all the latest research says that prospects are way ahead in their decision process once they speak with you.


So assuming this is true, what does a B2B salesperson do differently? In my experience in working with my clients, here are some suggestions:


  1. Dig in deeper to understand where they are in their sales process. Are they:
    • just beginning,
    • have they been at it for a while
    • what stage are they in
  2. Ask how they make their decisions and what influences it including:
    • People involved in the decision process
    • Any body outside of the company they rely on
    • Any online resources, blogs, research etc.
  3. More people are involved so ask:
    • Who is involved
    • What is their role
    • What would they need to see to feel comfortable with your company
  4. Ask if there are any internal or external obstacles or influences that could prevent them from moving forward in the time frame they shared with you.
  5. Stay engaged with them in between steps via any automation tools you have or, as mentioned in my last blog, sending them info yourself
  6. Set up your own Linkedin group for all of your prospects and customers so you can update everybody at once.
  7. People are crazy busy so see if you can get a commitment on next steps with a specific date and time and objective
  8. Ask questions that are about their obstacles and process, independent of whether they go with you or not. It will bring their defenses down.
  9. If they are far into their process, ask what it is about your company that caught their attention so that they are meeting with you.
  10. Ask them their priorities and share insights they may not have to capture their attention.

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