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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Salespeople, 19 Tips to Close Larger Deals

Posted on Tue, Dec 11, 2012

19 Tips To Close Larger Deals
1.    Assign an executive sponsor as early as possible.
2.    Increase Face to Face time.
3.    If the deal crosses territories or oceans, salespeople must share in the wealth and work with others.
4.    Get contracts done and issues resolved ahead of time. Use contract as part of close.
5.    Know their decision process and the people involved so you don't have to chase or guess.
6.    If you must, use discounting wisely. Keep something in your back pocket.
7.    Use your management and pre/post sales support team early and often.
8.    Know your negotiation strategy so the deal doesn't get delayed.
9.    Start where you are stronger. Go to your strengths to win more.
10.  Don't chase bad business just because it is big.
11.  Bigger deals take longer. Don’t get distracted with the little stuff.
12.  Discuss and strategize your deals with another person or persons.
       They might be sitting right next to you, be experiencing the same thing and have great insights.
13.  Check LinkedIn, Facebook, Phinkit or any source for connections.
       These connections might be able to coach you or influence the buyer.
14.   Develop a coach ASAP if it is a big deal.
15.   If you are smaller than your competitors, show your depth by having more people involved in the deal.
16.   Create a no lose policy for certain strategic key accounts.
17.   If you are in a very advantageous position, push the close ASAP.
       The longer the deal goes on, the more bad things can happen.
18.   Resources and frequency on client interaction needs to increase.
19.   If it is very competitive have a tie breaker to help the customer decide in your favor.

If you have more tips you have used from deals you have closed or your team has closed, please do share your thoughts.



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