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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Salespeople, You Asked the Question...So Now What?

Posted on Wed, Oct 24, 2012

Asking questions

My last blog advised salespeople to ask questions about what a prospect knows about them and their company in order to understand what perceptions and misperceptions they might have.

My son-in-law, Josh who I love dearly and couldn't be happier about marrying my daughter has a very exacting eye, and asked me “what do salespeople do with this information once they have it?”  I guess he expected the answer to be in the same blog. I told him that the answer was in the next blog, this blog.  So here is what you do with this information --I really had no intention to do this but I can’t look bad in front of my son-in-law:

  1. You or your company needs to start inserting your own thoughts and opinions into the areas that the prospect is using for research
  2. Fix your own personal info if it is detrimental
  3. Advise your company to start doing Step 1
  4. Address their concerns and support your strengths when presenting your solution
  5. Qualify that they are open to you addressing any negative information they have
  6. Send a dead fish wrapped in paper or a horses head to the people saying bad things about you (ONLY KIDDING)!
  7. Search for terms and see if they are more pervasive.

Are You Soft, Medium or Hard

Salespeople and sales organizations are like boiled eggs, they come in soft, medium or hard in relation to their understanding an opportunity and the questions they ask.

Here are some hard boiled questions:

  1. Do you know what gets in the way of bigger deals?
  2. Does the customer know how to buy your solutions?
  3. Do they have the authority to buy at that dollar level?
  4. Can you get some skin in the game so they can’t walk away?
  5. Do you know what the steps, process and people are from the time you give them a proposal to getting an order or PO?
  6. What can prevent this deal from happening?
  7. What is your make up deal if this fails?
  8. How do we turn your obvious enthusiasm into an order?
  9. How often do you come here? Ask Sales Questions
  10. Is there a precedent for buying something that isn’t budgeted?
  11. Want to see my sketches ? Ask Sales Questions
  12. Who gains or looses the most if you do this?
  13. What are the political or administrative obstacles you have to navigate?
  14. Are we starting too big – should we start smaller?

I hope this helps.  What are some of the best questions you ask?  Respond below, so all can see, learn and add to!

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