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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Increasing Your Close Ratio

Posted on Mon, Sep 24, 2012


Increasing Your Close Ratio

Towards the end of my vacation (“holiday” for my European friends) in Umbria, I was driving down a long winding road with steep curves and realized if I made a mistake, I could go off the road.

I know some tricks like pulling on the emergency brake, going into reverse, turning the car off, trying to do a Fred Flintstone with my feet :), but I have never had to use them.

For some reason it reminded me of my approach and strength as a salesperson. Specifically, I win when I take all the curves properly and don't have significant detours. I am not great at recovering once this happens.

So what is involved in reinforcing my strength? I think it starts at the beginning in determining which category a sale/deal falls into:

  1. Have no chance of winning – do not pursue – do not waste your time and resources - you will lose.
  2. Have a chance (how much is important) – on a scale of 1-100 do you have over a 50% chance of winning? If so, you can decide to pursue it. Here you have to be good at punching and being a good counter-puncher (someone who is at their best after they are punched). I can do that very well, but once a sale/deal is gone, or the car is going off the road, I don't usually recover and save myself.
  3. Yours to win – full speed ahead – pull out all the stops, etc.  If you lose these sales/deals too often you should consider another career.

Are you good at recovering a deal? What have you done that works? I would love to hear your thoughts? 

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