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Salespeople: Am I a Man or Mouse?

Posted on Mon, Jun 11, 2012

Am I a Man or Mouse

In my last blog “Death of a Salesman” I wrote that I would not do things out of neediness nor work with people I don't want to work with. So I am now being tested.

I have a very large, prestigious opportunity that has screwed around with me twice -- my belief -- after being referred to them by my coach.

I have a new contact at this account who reached out to me on Friday night -- it is now Wednesday -- to tell me there might be an opportunity since their current vendor’s price is too high. As background, we had a chance to work this spring but she was told by her boss that there was no time to evaluate new vendors. She also told me about 2 weeks ago that this was being pushed back to early August.

  • We agree to talk Tuesday AM but then I get an email asking me if we can speak Tuesday evening at 9PM EST since she will know more then. I say fine since I will be up watching the NBA Playoffs.

  • I get my call at 9 and am told she still knows nothing but will call me Wednesday AM at 8:30 to give me more details. She also tells me she is in NYC, not California where she lives. I suggest we get together since we have never met in person but she says she is too busy (for a cup of coffee or for 15 minutes to meet)?

  • Needless to say I don't get a call at 8:30. I try her but no answer, nor any response to my email about getting together.

I feel like she wants to do something, but is really powerless. I can’t get entre’ into the powers to be. There have been some peripheral conversations but nothing more.

1.    tell her thanks but no thanks and I don't want to be considered any longer
2.    go over her head and make additional efforts to get to the higher level
3.    send a fish wrapped in newspaper as a warning
4.    leave it alone and see how it evolves
5.    send an email to the person, who has been a great coach and ask him what to do.

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