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How To Get Out of A Sales Slump

Posted on Wed, Apr 18, 2012

A Slump Or Another Growth Opportunity


Things have been going incredibly well for the last 9 months, but only OK (my definition of OK) recently which worries me and brings up the worst of my insecurities, demons and vulnerabilities.

When I tell my highly evolved, spiritual, intelligent and beautiful wife, and after asking me relevant, insightful questions, she will attribute one of the reasons going badly to “mercury being retrograde.” I like that as a reason because it takes some of the pressure off of me. Nobody can fix the planets alignment.

Today, I asked her if Mercury was still in retrograde and she said no! Crap, so I have to take ownership of recent events. So here we go. This week:

1.  I have had a recurring nightmare of a highly visible prospect (names will go unmentioned) tell me for the 3rd time they are delaying or putting off their decision on sales training, and when they return to it, I will be in a “bake-off.”  I got a bit upset with them and may have turned them off.
2.  A potential partner, who was going to pay for my services tell me they were putting it off till June.  I think I was too aggressive in suggesting they pay (although they mentioned it first).  But I think they forgot.
3.  Another EXTREMELY LARGE client tell me they had to “sell” the idea internally before they could move forward.  Nothing I could do but it is disappointing.

As I am writing, I am putting this into perspective:
1.  I had 4 excellent meetings this week with  great clients and prospects
2.  I am ahead of my 2012 forecast having had a great Q1 (thanks everybody)
3.  I am doing more online and getting more comfortable with it (still have a long way to go)
4.  I am making great headway in my new book “Using Technology to Sell”
5.  Spring has sprung and I had a wonderful Passover with my son-in-law’s family
6.  My cholesterol is at 190 with a good HDL:LDL ratio.

So instead of batting .900, I am batting .500 (knock on wood), which is pretty good. But it is still upsetting and feels like another “f_ _king growth opportunity,” and another, and another. So what is the growth opportunity?
1.  I can’t win everything.
2.  I don't need to win everything.
3.  Focus on the good things going on.
4.  Be grateful and appreciate the hard work I do.
5.  Give myself some space and support when things are in flux or confused.
6.  Have faith.

P.S. Two of the three meetings I referenced above came back to tell me everything was fine with my proposal on R.E.A.L. Selling.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Do your best with the best intentions and things should work out more often or often enough.

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