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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Time Management: Jonathan London, a Sales Pro Interviews Himself

Posted on Tue, Apr 10, 2012




 Time Management Self Interview by Jonathan London Time Management:  Jonathan London Interviews Himself

In interviewing myself on April 9th, Jonathan explored his current state of mind, work habits and time wasters(☞ = question ☝ = answer).

Jon, what is the biggest time waster for you?

☝ The biggest way I waste time is not knowing what I want to get done when I don't have a formal appointment or training class. I have many things that are important and I am constantly aware of:
• including finishing my book
• refocusing my business on the NE region and over video
• getting better at social media
• working on working out 
• my finances and more...
But when I don't have it in my calendar then I wander and I don't feel good wandering. I just read an article in the Sunday Times Sports Section about the goalie for the NY Rangers who follows the same routine so he feels prepared. I need to get back to my routine.

What prevents you from being more organized and having things in your calendar? What prevents you from having and staying with a routine?

☝ Good question to yourself Jon. I have never been good with structure unless I am super motivated. It stems from my childhood but that is for another blog. Perhaps it is having too much to do, or it is not wanting to do what is needed. Maybe I am bored and need a good kick in the pants.  Sometimes, I am better when I have somebody I am accountable to because I am often more responsible to others than I am to myself. Not sure but it doesn't really matter why. What matters is to become the goalie for the NY Rangers : )

So what should you be doing now vs. what you are doing?

☝ I have to write a blog so I am hoping this will become the blog. I am trying to use my own experience as the best way to teach people. I understand that I might be revealing a bit too much about myself but I hope people like that. After this, I have appointments but I think the book is next. BTW, I sent out a LinkedIn request for people to share their best experiences with technology in selling and didn't get the response I wanted. Very disappointing!

What is the one part about you that you most wish to fix?

☝ I am extremely hard on myself and self-critical. If I am wasting one second, it kicks in. So the things I am talking about in this blog probably aren’t as bad as they sound but to me they are.

So what are you doing today after you write this blog?

☝ I have a 9AM appointment to discuss some 1:1 coaching and then I see my accountant, go to my dentist and then have a 4PM and 6PM with a prospect and potential partner. I think I will also try and buy a new iPad but I am not sure.

Jonathan, thanks for your time and candor!  

☝ Any time 

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