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5 Clear, Easy, Logical Selling Strategies to Sell More

Posted on Thu, Apr 12, 2012


5 Clear, Easy, Logical Steps to Selling More


...Or On The Way to the Men’s Room at a Client.

As often happens (but not often enough), I had a realization about the way a person or business can have the success they want in selling their product or offering with these selling strategies. 

This might seem obvious, or this may be taught somewhere, but for me, it is my experience and message in a very simple way. Here you go:

1. What's your target market?
2. What needs are you addressing?
3. Do you have any unique advantages?
4. Who by title and responsibility needs these unique advantages the most?
5. What approach or channel is the best way to get to these people and organizations that need you?

Now as Nike says, “Just Do It” and as I say, “If not you, who? If not now, when?”

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