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Sales Tips From Jonathan London

Sales Training: Lost In The Sea of Internet

Posted on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

Stormy Sea: Lost in the Sea of Internet


I admit it. I got lost in the Internet Sea.  I was thrashing around trying to get my bearings, looking for information, and comparing myself to others. Wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything, keep my competition at bay, making sure I was the best.

So much anxiety and time wasted! It is a big sea to get lost in. It is never ending. One thing leads to another thing, and another, and when you realize you are lost it is too late with too many open windows to close.

So now I see the horizon and it isn't a mirage. It is terra firma, I am staking my IPG flag in the ground and building my sales community.

Town Hall and Community Center is of course R.E.A.L. Selling - this is where the foundation is and all the major work is done. The cornerstones (it is a big building with a lot of cornerstones) of the building are:
 1. Goal Setting, time and territory management
 2. Gaining Access to Power
 3. S.PRI.N.G. Dialogues - what, did this S.PRI.N.G. on you baby!
 4. Presenting my Unique Solution
 5. Objection Handling and Closing
 7. My network - Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter (maybe Pinterest) - only 30 minutes a day
 8. My family, business partners, friends and co-workers - more than 30 minutes/day

My outposts and security guards (for now) will be:

 1. Jill Konrath

 2. Sales Benchmark Index

 3. and all its ApExchange Partners

 4.  Harvard Business Review (

 5. (coming soon)

My search, expand and explore members are:

 1. Google search and Google Alerts

 2. CSO Insights and ESResearch

 3. My 3-5 biggest and more respected competitors for all the research they do

Here is what is not on my plan:

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