Online Digital Marketing Solutions

Vast amounts of marketing money are being reallocated from traditional medial (TV, print, radio) to the internet. Even the most conservative industries like pharmaceutical or CPG can no longer resist or justify not spending money online.  This is one of the fastest growing, and crowded industries and doesn’t seem to be subsiding. If anything, there are more entries and the space is getting more crowded.
Selling to agencies has become a very difficult proposition. Sellers are at very low levels in the agency and are only discussing metrics and price. They don’t give very much time to sell since they are overwhelmed with work. This shrinks the deal size and value of your offer.  Sales people must know how to sell beyond the metric and learn to manage advertising agencies and the client without creating disharmony or alienating people.
Some of the variables that come into play in selling online digitial marketing solutions are:
  • Understanding your unique attributes and sweet spot
  • Feeling comfortable selling the value of your solution
  • Filling your funnel
  • Resisting discussions about metrics too early
  • Selling to higher levels in the agency and client
  • Getting to the people in the agency that are more strategic
  • Differentiating your offer from others to justify your price
  • Understanding the marketing, campaign and financial requirements of your agencies their clients
  • Knowing when to engage or when to walk away from a deal or RFP
  • Working with agencies as if they were your partner
  • Taking unique approaches to bringing value to the agency
  • Customizing your demonstrations to emulate the clients environment
  • Others…
IPG's program teaches your sales team how to address and integrate these, and other variables into your daily activities so they win more business.

Anticipated Outcome/Benefits:
  • You will have a clientized, state of the art program that will drive more and higher quality sales.
  • IPG has tremendous experience in your industry so we are familiar with the dynamics. At the same time, we bring unique perspectives from other industries. This combination (along with our extensive research) creates more specific application of the program, accelerates higher performance and faster results.
  • Campaigns will be larger.
  • % of wins on RFP’s will increase
  • There will be fewer gaps between successful campaigns to increase revenue and consistency of same.
  • You will save your organization time and money
  • Increase retention of your best people and ramp new hires faster
  • We will customize your program so it compliments, and accelerates existing programs.
  • Your programs will be Paperlite (intelligent, thorough but simple tools to implement process) so that your people will use them, vs. be overwhelmed and encumbered by them. We can also integrate into your CRM if you like.
  • Your pipeline will be fuller to offset the volatility in this industry
  • Our IR (intense reinforcement) program assures that the behavior changes and skills will be adopted for individual and corporate growth. A variety of activities will be used (web, 1:1 coaching, etc.) to drive the skills between classroom sessions. In addition, there is unlimited e-mail support!
  • All sales personnel will leave the session with a common set of tools and skills to compliment your other programs and they can use in their territory and opportunities!
  • Improved ability to navigate inter and intra agency/client relationships
  • Better coordination between all sales team to improve close rates
  • Your R.O.I. is very strong and will help you reach your revenue goals in 2011 and beyond
Selling Online Digital Marketing Solutions - A R.E.A.L.™ Program
  • Defining Selling
  • Identifying Your SweetSpot
  • Making Time to React and ProAct
  • Gaining Access to Power – Penetrating the Client and Agency using E-Mail and Other Techniques
  • The Power of Entertainment
  • DiSC and Adjusting Your Selling Style to Buyers and Executives
  • S.P.RI.N.G. (Situation, Priorities, Needs & Gains) Dialogue to Understand Your  Prospects Requirements, Differentiate Yourself and Qualify the Opportunity – 1:1, Lunch and Learns or Entertaining
  • Taking Control of the Sales Process using TE3M
  • Choosing the Winning Strategy and Team Selling   
  • Agency Client Management
  • Different Applications and Industries to Sell Your Services To
  • Best Presentation and RFP Responses
  • Getting the Buyer to Respond after You Submit Your RFP
  • Anticipating and Handling Objections
  • Negotiating and Closing
  • Preventing and Removing the Gap Between Successful Campaigns
  • R.E.A.L. Tips