Hosting or Cloud Solutions

Hosting or cloud services and solutions are becoming a powerful option for companies to use. They allow companies to be more strategic in the services they offer their customers and the way they are delivered.  Selling and using these services is becoming a popular and crowded market.
Some of the variables that come into play in selling hosted solutions most effectively are:
  • Understanding your unique attributes and sweet spot
  • Differentiating your offer from others to justify your price
  • Understanding the technical and business requirements of your customers and prospects
  • Using all of your people more effectively during the sales process
  • Getting more T.E3.M from your prospects than your competition
  • Using technology to sell
  • Being responsive but not too responsive
  • Holding onto accounts once you close them
  • Others…

IPG's program teaches your sales team how to address and integrate these, and other variables into your daily activities.

Anticipated Outcome/Benefits:

  • Greater number of appointments with the right people in the right accounts
  • Better close ratios of deals because reps. are going where they are strongest and talking to higher levels
  • Using the phone, e-mail, web and sales 2.0 most effectively
  • Better ability to manage time and tasks
  • Getting past the most common objections and resistance to get more sales
  • Presenting the value of your solution much more dramatically
  • Higher close ratios and larger deals

Selling Hosted and Cloud Solutions - A R.E.A.L.™ Program

  • Identifying Your SweetSpot
  • Making Time to React and ProAct
  • Selling Solutions
  • DiSC and Adjusting Your Selling Style
  • S.PRI.N.G. (Situation, Priorities, Needs & Gains) Dialogue and  Understanding Your  Prospects Requirements
  • Taking Control of the Sales Process using TE3M
  • Choosing the Winning Strategy
  • Presenting Your Solution in Person or Over the Web
  • Anticipating and Handling Objections
  • Negotiating and Closing