Master Technology Enabled Selling

Let’s start with a definition. Technology Enabled Selling, or TES, is the application of technology  throughout all stages of the sales process to enable selling through all desired sales channels, including field/mobile sales, inside sales/telesales, selling partners, web selling, and retail sales. TES is a hot topic, but few companies are doing it well because they haven’t gotten a handle on how to apply ideas to real life scenarios.  This is where IPG’s experience with both technology and selling really pays off – we’ve got the inside knowledge necessary to integrate best practices in both selling and technology to create TES practices that work for non-tech people.

Using Technology to Sell by Jonathan London and Martin Lucas, Apress, August 2012.

Why Are Salespeople Still So "Technologically Inept?"  A Conversation with Jonathan London by Linda Richardson, Top Sales World Magazine, December 2012.

Social Media and Selling
Use social media tools to identify prospects, get appointments and stay top-of-mind.

Technology Throughout the Sales Process
Gain control over the sales cycle with strategic use of technology throughout the sales process.