IPG Sales Solutions

“Sales aren’t as strong as they should be. Lead gen isn't working”

“We have to get higher in the decision process.”

“Our forecasting is terrible”

"We are having trouble differentiating ourselves"

IPG’s programs go beyond sales training to provide real sales solutions and insights to your greatest challenges.
Members of the IPG team bring years of experience as top sales people and visionary sales managers to their work for our clients. We work with you to develop customized training programs that provide the sales solutions you need. Through our Advisor Services, we’ll even stay on call to provide insights and advice to help you achieve your goals.

Our solutions include:

Selling Services
Translate intangible services into real benefits that get your customers excited to buy.

Developing Channel Partnerships
Identify and develop effective channel partnerships that build sales.

Strengthening the Pipeline
Build and nurture a pipeline of hot prospects to support long-term sales.

Selling to the C-Suite
Get right to decision-makers and close sales quickly.

Improving Inside Sales
Increase productivity and improve results with proven strategies.

Develop Stronger Sales Leaders
Motivate sales teams through superior sales leadership.

Win Critical Sales
Learn the selling skills and strategies that improve sales performance. 

David vs. Goliath Selling
Learn how to compete against the giants of your industry.

1:1 Coaching
The benefits of this work will be to accelerate performance, extend reach and reinforcement the sales process.