Prospecting & Pipeline Enrichment - P.E.P.™

Anyone in sales knows the importance of having a full, well qualified pipeline. Tradition dicates that there should be a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of pipeline to quota. Unfortunately, most salespeople and managers don’t want to be bothered because pipeline development requires a very intense effort and can be a frustrating experience.

Our Prospecting & Pipeline Enrichment Program (P.E.P.™) will motivate your people to prospect more often and take the burden off the sales manager.

Program Components & Benefits

  • Prospecting program designed to dramatically improve the quantity and quality of funnel of prospects
  • Activity requirements are clearly outlined in a step-by-step process to guide and discipline the salesperson to increase the quantity and quality of his or her prospecting habits
  • Sales people are required to forward IPG coaches weekly progress on a simple, easy to use format
  • IPG coaches hold sales associates accountable weekly, freeing the sales managers to focus on other responsibilities
  • Helps sales people develop excellent prospecting habits using IPG'S 9 Step Prospecting System
  • Provides direction and discipline for sales people
  • Program duration is a minimum of 90 days
  • Program includes 3 group calls as well as 3 individual coaching calls designed to help sales associates achieve maximum results
  • Sales tools such as customized scripts, letters and objection handling forms will be provided
  • Sales managers are given feedback on a monthly basis
  • P.E.P. can be customized by company or industry


  • $1000 per person up to 4 people
  • $ 900 per person up to 8 people
  • $ 800 per person 8 or above