Rackspace Testimonial Letter


Dear Jonathan,

I am not one for writing reference letters, but my most recent experience is worthy of doing so. .

As you know, we introduced your R.E.A.L. Selling Program in 2004 when I was running part of the sales team in San Antonio. Our success at Rackspace speaks for itself (approximately 67% growth annually) and your program was a tremendous help in that growth.

However, in my recent move to run the sales team in the U.K. the direct impact your program has on sales struck home. Since I came over and applied the program, our numbers have been at record highs with 82% growth year-to-date.

Jonathan, your program is exceptional. It is intelligent, logical, easy to use and coach. People catch on easily and believe in it.

Thanks for all your help. I look forward to continuing our work in 2007.



Khaled Saffouri, VP of EMEA Sales
Rackspace Managed Hosting

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