Online Training

Improved Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

In today's "employee cost" conscious environment, more and more companies are leveraging the real-time delivery power of the Internet or e-learning to provide cost effective online training and development. The results have been overwhelming:

  • More Sales Time/Increased Productivity Per Employee
  • Reduced Departmental Travel and Entertainment Expenses
  • Immediate Application and On-Going Reinforcement of New Skills
  • Greater Retention of Training Material
  • Stronger Internal and External Customer Relationships

The Real-Time Power of the Internet

At Online Training, we recognize the intense pace companies must sustain in order to remain competitive. Likewise, we recognize that for every day spent in a traditional classroom environment, it's a day your sales and service professionals aren't spending prospecting for new business, generating add-on sales revenue, or developing stronger customer relationships.

In response to this growing dilemma, we've created user-friendly, e-learning development programs that enable you to achieve your goals and objectives with minimal time out of the field, not to mention, minimal out of pocket expenses.

About Online Training
For Sales, Service, and Management

Online Training is a division of The Improved Performance Group, an acknowledged leader in delivering traditional classroom instruction for over twelve years. On-Line Training is comprised of senior sales and management executives dedicated to helping our clients achieve their overall business initiatives.

Each member of our Online Training team has over 15 years of experience and individual expertise in communications, technology, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. A partial list of clients who have benefited from our programs include: AT&T, Lucent Technology, Dell Computers, Tivoli Systems, MCI, Information Builders, Panasonic and many more.

All of our online, e-learning sales training development programs can be custom designed according to your specific requirements and encompass the entire realm of sales, leadership, customer service, and channel management. Our approach is to meet with senior management to understand overall needs, objectives and the desired results. The involvement of the senior partners and associates guarantees the application and reinforcement of your program. The utilization of technology to deliver the program guarantees a faster and sustained impact to your bottom line.

Our Online Training Programs

R.E.A.L. Selling© is a comprehensive, online, e-learning development program that emphasizes the essential skills of selling. This program will help your entire sales organization transition from a price or technical based sales focus to a consultative, needs-based sales approach. From pacing techniques to get on common ground, to determining priorities and needs, to obtaining small and large commitments, this program is designed to increase profits, provide greater control of the sales process, and increase customer satisfaction.

R.E.A.L. Service and Support© reinforces the concept that, "It is easier, and less expensive to keep a customer than find a new one." In addition to refining skills to provide effective customer support, this program is designed to help service professionals identify critical value-added, post-sales revenue generating opportunities.

Selling Strategically© is a high-powered module that accelerates the impact of our R.E.A.L.™ Selling Program utilizing our Strategic Opportunity Sales Analysis tool. This course is designed to help you establish strong, competitive account strategies.

R.E.A.L. Channel Management© represents a step-by-step process to develop stronger partnerships to help expand market share, facilitate reseller sales champions, control the cost of sales, while increasing overall departmental productivity.

R.E.A.L. Leadership© embraces the foundational elements of effective leadership and shows participants why it is so critical to their company's economic survival. This on-line program thoroughly explores the attributes of leadership, setting goals, communicating expectations, effective coaching, counseling, and confronting team members, and how to create appropriate motivational environments.

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To learn more about the results you can expect from our fully clientized programs and online development modules, you can contact us for more information or phone: 201-391-1643.To sample our asynchronous e-learning program, please go to our demo.