MCI Telecommunications Testimonial Letter


Dear Jonathan:

Thank you for leading such a successful sales training session in Houston.  It was some of the best training that I've ever participated in, and it was absolutely worth the investment of time and money.

Your "Customer Focused Selling" program was not only informative, but extremely motivational.  Your pre-session research and preparation resulted in highly effective and credible seminar.  As you know, we had some of MCI's trainers audit the class, and they were equally impressed.

The feedback from the 75 nMCers that attended the three day seminar was exceptional.  More importantly, two months after training, my reps have truly embraced this process and it has significantly contributed to our ability to sell upon value as opposed to just price.  Lastly, DC&A has proven itself as a valued partner, working with us post-training to reinforce the seminar's concepts.

Jonathan, I look forward to continuing our relationship.  Thanks again for an excellent seminar.


Jay Crookston

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