Lotame Testimonial Letter

LotameTo Whom it May Concern,

Jonathan London is by far the single most effective life trainer I have ever had. I call him a life trainer because the tools and insights he provides extend well beyond just sales.

He has taught our team to understand ourselves, our buyers, and has shown us the best way to communicate with them through the DISC profile system. Jon has helped us as a company to come up with a powerful message to differentiate ourselves in our cluttered digital industry. In my 15 years of selling I have found some of my most powerful sales skills to be learned in his training sessions. Not only does he walk in with an understanding of what we do in our business, he provides real life role-playing exercises to improve our day-to-day interactions with customers and prospects.

Jonathan supports our sales management team and makes himself accessible to our sales team in between training sessions. This has helped me close six figure deals! Both the full day training sessions as well as the ongoing 2-hour IPG training topical sessions have greatly impacted our entire team positively.

I highly recommend Jonathan because he inspires me to do better, be better, and has provided me with an endless supply of tools. Thanks to Jonathan I work harder and smarter and ultimately help drive revenue for LOTAME.

I would be happy to discuss with anyone considering using IPG’s services. Feel free to contact me at Madeline (at) Lotame.com.


Madeline Rich

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