Lotame Testimonial Letter


I wanted to let you know, you are getting better with age....your course this week was awesome.

The feedback that I got from EVERY SINGLE participant was overwhelmingly positive, and flowing with good love for the - "London style and content." You know this already - - but you are in my "Hall of Fame" of quality people.

Jonathan, I may not have the most experienced team, but they are hungry...hungry to learn, and each of them have a desire -- "NOT TO FAIL." Sometimes, that desire (not to fail) outweighs "greed" in a desire to succeed in business....

Lotame will be successful -- I will create more value, faster -- and do it with a smile on my face....

I hope you will continue to work with us, and potentially benefit from a partnership with us in ways beyond your normal arrangements.....

You are the man. You are awesome.....and thanks for a GREAT 2 days of incredible value.



Andy Monfried | Founder/CEO

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