Lawson Testimonial Letter

lawsonDear Jonathan,

As we continue working with IPG by transitioning and focusing on our Services area, I wanted to share my thoughts about the work we have done together that last 4 years in our sales organization.

When we first started our relationship, Lawson was a well respected, privately held supplier of ERP solutions. Since we have grown to be a public corporation of almost 500 million dollars and have shown a growth rate larger than our fiercest competitors. All that time we have used your leadership and sales programs, and I can say that they played an important role in our success.

Specifically, you Selling Strategically program and supporting skills modules gave us a structure, discipline and approach to working and strategizing deals we never had before. In addition, your follow up and support with the individual teams, including our Business Consultants gave our people a cohesiveness that was necessary.

There is an expression that "the sum is greater than the whole of the parts" and I would say that applies to our work together. I look forward to doing that same with our Services area.



Mr. Jim DeSocio
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations
Lawson Software

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