Lawson Testimonial Letter


Dear Jonathan:

After working together the last year and a half with you and your organization, I wanted to share with you, and others, the experience we have had together.

Let me start by saying how unique you have been in developing, and modifying programs that recognize our constantly changing needs in all areas, including sales, leadership and customer service. This is in contrast to previous vendors, and your competitors that try to pound your methodology or process into our business. Your experience as facilitators and business people has benefited us both in the specificity of the materials, as well as bringing real world experience into the actual classroom.

Your staff is superb. As you know, at first, we felt we only felt comfortable working with you. Over time, you have introduced people that are also excellent in front of our people. In particular, Paula Scheller and Cindy Taylor have done great jobs with our people.

The end result of all of this has been a program that is working. Lawson is excelling where many of our competitors are losing ground, market share, or money. Although there is more to do because our needs are changing, I am very confident that this years work will build on our strong start, and that in combination, Lawson will increase the strong momentum we have created.

Thanks again for your efforts and true partnership in contributing to our success.



Sam Miller
Director of Field Operations
Lawson Software

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