About Jonathan London, IPG Founder

web jl0049   lo resJonathan London founded Improved Performance Group in 1994 after nearly two decades as a sales superstar. His sales success at companies such as Olivetti, NBI, IBM/Rolm, EXEL Systems, WYSE Technologies and Picture Tel earned him numerous honors and accolades, including being the #1 performer in every sales and management position he has ever held.

Today, Jonathan is an internationally acclaimed expert on emerging trends and training and development strategies in sales, leadership, customer service and organizational transformation. He is a respected speaker, trainer, coach and consultant, and is the author of two books, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling, published by Praeger Publishing and "Using Technology to Sell" by Apress Publishing.

Jonathan blends a belief in the power of foundational sales techniques with an in-depth understanding of the sales potential of the latest technologies. His contemporary approach to time-tested sales practices is sought after by corporations throughout the US and Europe.

Jonathan has also done research for ES Research Group assisting witdescribe the imageh interviews on client projects to help improve their sales. Learn more about ES Research.

Jonathan received a B.A. in history and education from American University in Washington, D.C.  Jonathan is happily married and he has two beautiful children.

Jonathan's Attributes and Experience

-       developed R.E.A.L. selling

-       member of top 50 bloggers 2012

-       featured in Mary Pohl Sales Mastery, TSW and others

-       guest panelist in sales 2.0

-       87.5% User Satisfaction Rating via Linkedin Poll

-       trained and coached over 16,000 people in 23 countries

-       running my own business for 18 years

-       written 2 books on selling

-       worked with some of the largest companies in the world and some you have never heard of

-       excellent facilitator that teaches and draws out attendees insights and experience

-       can see what others don't in a sales situation to help close large deals

-       good with executive management, 1st line managers and individual sales contributors

-       coaching a stronger emphasis

-       program integrated with sf.com

-       used virtual training since 1994

-       founder of Phinkit – social website in UK

-       blog weekly

-       active on Twitter and Linkedin

-       top sales person and manager in corporate life prior to founding IPG