What differentiates IPG's and our Sales Training and Management Training Programs?

Our clients would say the following:

  • The quality of our instructors
  • The breadth of our programs
  • IPGs programs are all paperlite which means they are easy to use and measure
  • The level in which we clientize your program
  • Our ability to deliver live or using technology
  • Our Intense Reinforcement so your program becomes habitual
  • Our cost effectiveness in terms of cost:results ratio
  • Access to the principals of IPG vs. dealing with larger organizations where there is no access


What is the average number of days required to complete each program?

Every program consists of clientized training modules that are specifically designed according to each client's individual objectives, budget, and timeline requirements. Through research and experience, we provided recommendations as to how to best accomplish each initiative. On average, classes are 2- 3 days with a minimum of 90 days follow up and reinforcement.


Our sales and service organization consists of both seasoned sales professionals as well as people with less experience. What is the best way to tend to the training needs of both audiences?

The content included in the R.E.A.L.™ Selling training program and Services training programs addresses the fundamental principles of each discipline through interactive exercises, group discussions, and role plays based on real-world case studies and is therefore appropriate for broad audiences. However, if the skill level is significantly disparate, IPG will conduct separate classes when appropriate.


How long does it take to conduct your research and complete the "clientization" process?

The average number of days to conduct the field research varies based, again, on our individual client's needs, geographic locations of participants, business challenges, etc. Our experience has shown that 2-5 days is usually adequate to provide insights into each target area. Once research is completed, we review our findings with each client and provide training program recommendations respective to our research conclusions. Based on schedule availability program clientization typically can be completed within 3-4 weeks following research. 


What is management's role in this program?
Management plays a crucial role in the success of your program in two ways. The up front research and development will give them a chance to inform us of what is needed from the program and what gaps need to be addressed in the training. Secondarily, they will understand their role in fostering the development and effectiveness of the program and how they need to integrate the key elements into their management regimen.

How do you become an associate at IPG?

In order to become an associate, you must have extensive experience, and a stellar track record in both sales and management. You must also have a strong desire to teach people how to be better at their chosen craft. If these criteria are met, IPG takes you through a certification process that includes observation, testing and delivery of all of the programs, as well as monitoring by more senior associates to support and coach as needed.


Are there different payment methodologies?

Yes. IPG wants to work with you to make the process easy. We have created very flexible payment plans and would do so with you if that helps you fund your training program.


Is there a way for us to try IPGs services before we make a commitment?

There are several ways. The first is to try our e-learning. The second is for us to create a live web based module for your team. You can also observe a class we might be doing for a client so you can see us in action.